Manualised clinical intervention

Train to use manualised clinical intervention- become a trained Parent Hope Clinician/Coach

The Parent Hope Project – manualised program is a research-based clinical intervention, using a manual for those working with children, parents and families.

It provides a map for parents to discover ways they can change their part in dynamics to support their young person’s development of self-regulation, balanced relationship connection and independence. It engages parents to address their own self-regulation, to support their struggling children.

The professionally developed online training upskills you to provide family systems parent coaching.  There are two levels of training:

  • Level 1 as a bundle provides training to start using the manuals with parents, includes prerequisite training to understand the family systems approach. 25 hours.
  • Level 2 extends and consolidates your learning, allowing you to be listed as a Parent Hope coach/clinician. 10 hours.
Preview the coach and parent manuals

An overview of the online training

An overview of the online training

Listen to a short introduction to the program, from Dr Jenny Brown.


Read a review of the program by a mental health practitioner

It has been my professional commitment for many years to develop an approach that constructively engages parents in contributing to their symptomatic child’s recovery of well-being. My experience and research have shown me that an effective intervention for parents needs to break through sensitivity to blame and enable parents to develop agency rather than remain overly invested in external fixes.”

“…this research makes a case for programs to facilitate parents growing their internal agency as a pathway to supporting their child’s recovery. When parents shifted from being invested in external ‘expert’ treatment to having a sense of their own capacities to make a difference for their child, they finished the program with increased hope.”

Feedback from trainees

The Parent Hope & Parent Confidence Journey

  • At commencement

    • Depleted hope
    • Disillusion
    • Frustration
  • Stage 1: Sessions 1-3 | Stepping back: Observation and awareness

    Learning to observe the parent-child interactions when stress is high.
    Seeing the pattern

    What fuels my child’s dependence or independence?

    Shift focus

    Where is my energy directed to, child, other parent, or self?

    Calm self

    How am I reacting?

  • Stage 2: Sessions 4-6 | Stepping up: Adjusting self

    Learning to adjust parent interactions to promote the young person’s growth in responsibility and wellbeing.
    Recovering leadership

    What is in my control? Taking an “I” position.

    Stronger connection

    Connection to the whole child not just their problems.

    patience for gradual improvement

    Seeing the big picture. Living my job description.

  • At completion

    • Renewed hope
    • A sense of direction
    • Increased confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

To use the manualised program, we recommend you start with:

  • the optional free introductory course -Research and the Development of the Parent Hope Project
  • the theory course will be next -Family Systems Understanding of Symptom Development in Children. This is a prerequisites for coach training and included in your level 1 training package. An exception may be given to skip this course for anyone who has completed intensive Bowen theory training (email us if you think this applies).
  • Level 1 training course then introduces you to the manuals and teaches you how to start using them, included in the level 1 training package.
  • Level 2 training extends your learning and enables you to list and advertise as a Parent Hope Clinician/Coach.

The psychoeducation course options are here.

The training is in an online, interactive learning format that allows for flexibility over approximately six months for both Level 1 and Level 2 Parent Coach Training.

Level 1 Parent Coach training starts with intensive video workshops of about 20 hours. These are best completed over a week to two week period to keep the continuity and allow trainees to start using the manuals. There is a short reflective assignment to write, and you will then start using the manuals with parent clients or volunteers. To finish level 1 training, there are group supervision sessions to watch of around 5 hours, and a final assignment on a case example to prepare.

Level 2 training is a further 8 hour intensive workshop, which builds on and consolidates the Level 1 learning. There is another case example assignment to finish this training. This can be completed a few months after Level 1, and is required to register as a Parent Coach and join our professional community.

The Confident Parent Course facilitator training takes around 13 hours to complete.

The training is a professionally developed online training that can conveniently fit into your schedule. It provides active learning via the web-based learning: program. There are 2 levels of professional Training

  • Level 1 (Courses 1- 3) provides training to start using the manuals with parents.
  • Level 2 (Course 4) extends this learning to group work and ongoing work with parents.

Each level commences with more intensive training spread over a couple of weeks. This is followed by less time-intensive learning support over a couple of months while trainees commence using the manuals. There are a variety of learning forums over a period of approximately 4 months for Level 1 and an additional 2 months for level 2. Each section has some learning tasks to submit at the commencement and completion.

Learning experiences include:

  • didactic training
  • viewing role plays
  • question and answer dis cussions
  • activities and practise exercises
  • listening to group supervision
  • live case presentation webinars

Parent Hope Project coach trainees will be practising child and family professionals in mental health or couple & family therapy. Trainees may also be working in family support of ‘non-clinical’ family groups such as community work, pastoral care & education.

Throughout the training there are some reflection pauses designed to help you reflect on what you have learnt. These need to be answered to move onto the next module and are not submitted to the tutor for comment.

The prerequisite course “Family Systems Understanding of Symptom Development in Children” finishes with a short assignment to check understanding of key principles.

In Level 1 training, there is a reflective assignment after the key learning modules. After you begin practicing with the manuals, and watch the supervision sessions, there is a final assignment on a case example. Please allow time to use the manuals before submitting your assignment.

Level 2 training contains a further case example assignment.

You can complete the course at your own pace in the time frame. If you require an extension, 6 weeks further access to your course can be purchased for $35.

Our level 1 training explains how to use the manuals with parents, and what is involved in each session. Parents will work from their own manual both in sessions with information pages for them to use between sessions, while the coach uses the coach manual.

Each parent will need to purchase their own copy of the parent manual (or clinicians can purchase on their behalf), either electronic PDF or hard copy, and can be purchased here.

You receive copies of both the coach and parent manuals at the start of your training.

After your assignment has been approved, there is a certificate of completion available in the training portal. Click your name, ‘My Account’ then ‘Certificates’ to download.

The certificate states the content and number of professional development hours involved.

To become a parent coach, you will need to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 training. When you have completed level 2 training, you can be listed as a Parent Coach on our website, and we invite you to join our professional community. This provides access to ongoing learning, webinars, drop-in support sessions and forums for continued learning. Contact us to sign up.

Occasionally Jenny runs part of the Level 1 Parent Coach training in person. Participants will still need to complete the online training modules. We will announce such live events on the web site. The cost is the same and participants will access all the online training.

It is possible to move straight to the parent coach training without completing required theory training seminars if you have completed an in-depth training program in Bowen theory. Please email to request an exemption, providing evidence of your previous training.

If you need further time to complete your training, we have a 6 week extension available for $35 inc GST, to help cover administrative costs. Please purchase here and email us to confirm the course you wish to extend

Manualised program information sheets

Parent Hope Project Manual Excerpts

Introduction To Parent Hope Manualised Program – For Parents

Introduction To Parent Confidence Project – For Parents

Introduction To Parent Hope Project For Coaches

Pre And Post Parent Surveys For Use By Coaches

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Our Level 1 and Level 2 Parent Coach Training, plus Confident Parent Group Facilitator Training are PACFA endorsed and attract Category B CPD hours.