Are you interested in supporting parents in your church?

Are the parents in your community struggling to know how to support their children’s wellbeing and mental health?

Our parenting courses, by Dr Jenny Brown, use a family systems approach to support parents to make a project of themselves, redirecting worry to support their children’s wellbeing. Video format courses with online training.

Providing two options for Churches to deliver the Confident Parent Course

Churches Streaming Package

✅ training in family systems ideas, to help you understand the theory behind the parenting courses, and support parents as they undertake the courses. 3 hours training

✅ streaming access to the Confident Parent Course – a 4 part parenting course

✅ streaming access to Cultivating Confident Parenting – a 1 part parenting course

The faith versions of our courses include a short bible reflection at the end of each week of the course, linking a bible verse into the principles talked about in the session.

Churches streaming package

Facilitator Training and Streaming Package

✅ training in family systems theory, 3 hours training. Plus facilitator training in how to deliver the course and answer questions, 12.5 hours training.

✅ streaming access to the Confident Parent Course – a 4 part parenting course, as well as video highlights to use when facilitating the Confident Parent Course

✅ streaming access to Cultivating Confident Parenting – a 1 part parenting course

✅ online support, live webinars and resources to support you as you deliver the package.

Facilitator training package

Frequently asked questions

From worry about your child, to confidence in your parenting

The overall theme of the Confident Parent Course is when parents’ make a project out of themselves rather than anxiously focussing on their child, this provides developmental ‘breathing space’ for the child, reducing worry and increasing parent confidence.

The 4-part course explores the following questions:

See more about the course here, or a video intro here.

You can start with the theory course – Family Systems Understanding of symptoms in children. From there, you can watch the streaming resources, the Confident Parent Course, or Cultivating Confident Parenting to see what is available for parents.

After this you are able to start delivering the courses at your church.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching, this is available at $280 per hour plus GST. This will help you to clarify the ideas in the course to best facilitate parent self discovery.

In the Confident Parent Course, each session of the faith-based version concludes with a short reflection of a relevant bible verse, and the workbook has reflection questions linked to the verse.

Each person/facilitator will need to purchase their own package, sharing of logins in not allowed. This allows facilitators to run the courses in one organisation.

After you have completed your training, you can now purchase 12 months access to the two packages above without training.

  • Churches package – video resources without training (for those who have completed theory training), available here.
  • Psychoeducation package – without training –  video resources and ongoing learning  (for those who have completed facilitator training): available here.

If you’d like to train to facilitate the Confident Parent Course, training is available here.

You will learn how to work with groups, facilitate discussion, answer questions using video highlights, with 12 hours of training. If you have already completed the theory course, contact us to discuss a discount.

If you are keen to work more intensively with parents either individually or in small groups using our manualised program, training is available here. 25 hours of training.


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