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The practitioners listed on this sight are trained mental health professionals who have completed the 6-month training to utilise the manualised Parent Hope Project material. Only fully trained practitioners can access the Parent Manuals for use with parents. NOTE – This site does not accept responsibility for the clinical competence of each coach. Parents need to do their own due diligence to determine whether the parent coach is a good fit for them.

Australia: NSW

Jenny Brown

Fiona Taylor

Lauren Errington

Emma Robinson

Anna Moss

Craig Foster

Linda MacKay

Iris Ma

  • Epping
  • Online / In Person

Shelby Brown

Lil Blundell

Veronica Pym

Melinda Camillos

  • Concord, NSW
  • Online / In Person

Margy Green

  • Sydney, NSW
  • Online

Jacob Lee

Steve Marriott

Kim Housden

Ahmed Tohamy

Holly McGovern

  • Double Bay, NSW
  • Online / In Person

Lorraine Cushing-Kleber

Australia: Queensland

Stephanie Goldston

  • Brisbane
  • Online / In Person