Family Systems Psychoeducation Courses

“I’m searching for an effective way to engage parents in a group setting, to be confident contributors to their children’s improved emotional health.”

Group Facilitator Training

Are you searching for a course to help parent groups reduce their worry and increase their parenting confidence? Our psychoeducation courses help parents recover confidence in their capacity to be a resource for their child’s wellbeing, combining family systems ideas with practical examples.

Our psychoeducation package offers training for you to deliver the 4-part Confident Parent Course and facilitate discussion for an interactive approach to psychoeducation with parent groups. Streaming resources are also available. Great for community groups, schools or professionals who want to support families and help children to flourish.

Access to psychoeducation videos after facilitator training
From worry about your child, to confidence in your parenting

The overall theme of the Confident Parent Course is when parents’ make a project out of themselves rather than anxiously focussing on their child, this provides developmental ‘breathing space’ for the child, reducing worry and increasing parent confidence.

The 4-part course explores the following questions:


Group Facilitator Training Package provides 12 months access to

The Confident Parent Course, 4-part full video version and video highlights to show when presenting the course. 1 part Cultivating Confident Parenting also included.

Training – how to deliver the course and facilitate discussion for parents, plus theory course- Family Systems and Symptoms in Children

Ongoing support – live monthly webinars, learning hub and resource library. Deliver the courses as much as you like in the 12 month period.

Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of this course is to facilitate parents realising ways they can take worry and intensity out of their parenting and replace it with clearer principles for managing in the many stressors of child-rearing. It is different to many courses in that it doesn’t tell parents what to do in various situations. Parents are not given steps to follow in managing their children but rather things to observe about themselves. Many parents understandably hope to get formulas for managing their children, but our view is that helping parents discover simple and manageable adjustments to the ways they respond to their children will have more sustainable value. 
Parents learn to measure their progress not based on how their child’s moods or behaviours are today but on how they are parenting, guided more by their principles and job description. 

The training course is on our online learning platform, where the streaming resources are also located. The facilitator training video is of a live training event recorded on zoom, while the streaming resources are filmed to professional quality. You can work through the course at a pace to suit you, in your own time. A final assignment is required to check understanding for  both the theory course and facilitator training.

The training takes about 15.5 hours. It involves:

  • Theory training – 3 hours.
    • Research and the Development of the Parent Hope Project (free and optional)
    • Theory course: Family Systems and Symptoms in Children (short assignment)
  • watching the full Confident Parent Course – 5 hours
  • watching the Confident Parent Course Group Facilitator Highlights (for use in delivering the course) – 2.5 hours
  • complete the training in how to deliver the Confident Parent Course – 5 hours
    • Includes a short written assignment at the end of the training for reflection and understanding.

As this parenting course is based on principles rather than techniques, it applies to all age ranges, from infants through to adult children.

For examples for different age ranges, listen to the Parent Hope Podcast.

The first year of training and streaming access is $750 (AUD, inc GST) per person to complete the training in how to deliver the Confident Parent Course. Sign up here. This provides 4 months access to the training material and videos to deliver the course.

After this time, a psychoeducation package – without training is available with all streaming resources and ongoing support- this is $440 a year or $220 for 3 months access, and can be purchased here. This can be used as many times as you like in the time period. This includes parent workbooks.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching to implement the Confident Parent Course, this is available at $280 per hour plus GST (we recommend 1.5 or 2 hours). This will help you to clarify the ideas in the course to best facilitate parent self discovery. Contact our office to book.

You will receive training in how to deliver the Confident Parent Course through the training package. It is a 4-part parenting course – these could be run each week over 4 weeks, or a full day’s course for parents.

Allow 1.5 hours for each session. It is possible to make this shorter or longer depending on how long each discussion goes for. Each session will have 30-40 minutes of video content with a role play, and then two sections to pause for discussion questions. Depending on group size, questions could be discussed as smaller groups and then shared with the larger group. Your role will be to facilitate this discussion, help the parents understand the content and grow in confidence in their parenting.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching to implement the Confident Parent Course, this is available at $275 a session plus GST. Contact our office to book.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching to implement the Confident Parent Course, this is available at $280 per hour plus GST (for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours). This will help clarify the training, clarify the ideas in the course to best facilitate parent self discovery, plan parent engagement and explore your unique parent community. Contact our office to book.

Each person/facilitator will need to purchase their own training package.

If multiple people are running the Confident Parent Course in an organisation at different times, you will each require a subscription. No sharing of logins is allowed across an organisation. 

If multiple facilitators are presenting the course at the one time, you will only need one subscription package (after each facilitator has completed their training).

We encourage you to take advantage of the subscription and review the material again before undertaking the Group Facilitator Training. New points may stand out to you now you have more experience with the Parent Hope Project.

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Parent Evaluation Form – Confident Parent Course

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Schools package

Partner with parents in your school, 12-months access to all psycheducation courses and facilitator training

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