About the Parent Hope Project

The Parent Hope Project is a social enterprise developed by Jenny Brown, PhD that supports parents in recovering their confidence in being the best resource for their children’s mental health and wellbeing.

It includes manualised programs and family systems courses to equip mental health professionals, school wellbeing programs, and faith-based communities to work more effectively with parents. It also offers a range of free resources to support parents who are feeling overwhelmed with parenting demands in this anxious age.

Dr Jenny Brown, a seasoned professional in the child and family mental health field since the 1980s, is the driving force behind the Parent Hope Project. Her wealth of experience and expertise has made her a highly sought-after consultant and trainer, advocating for more family-inclusive services. Her profound understanding of family therapy approaches, particularly Bowen’s family systems theory, has significantly influenced her work. Her research is focused on empowering parents to nurture their children’s robust mental health, a fundamental aspect of the Parent Hope Project.

The main premise behind the Parent Hope Project is that: Children do best when parents and carers are able to reclaim their self-awareness and role clarity.

Parents can easily lose confidence in their common sense and wisdom with society’s growing offerings of expertise about children and parenting. Increasingly, parents are prone to step aside and let experts address concerns about their children.

The Parent Hope Project resources are designed to help those supporting children and families to facilitate parents regaining their confidence as nurturing leaders for their children. By sharing research-based principles, the Parent Hope Project programs equip parents with the knowledge and skills to foster their child’s development of responsible independence and calm connection, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.

If you’re going to assist your child to grow their resilience, the first step will be to increase your own resilience in tolerating your child’s upset without feeling compelled to rush in and smooth over everything for them. The grown-up parent, who really wants to be a loving resource to their child, is prepared to work on themselves.

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