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Are you interested in supporting parents at your school?

What would your school community look like if parents were a little bit calmer? More confident in their role as a parent to manage themselves, and not anxiously focus on their child?

We have a number of parenting course and resources to help you partner with parents at your school, to help parents move from worry about their children, to making a project out of themselves. This can help to take a little of the stress out of the school system.

Schools Package

The schools package provides resources & training to help provide meaningful wellbeing to parents in your community. Including 12 months access to:

  • professional development training in a systems understanding of symptoms in children
  • training for you to deliver the Confident Parent Course – a 4 part parenting course using video highlights and facilitated discussion
  • streaming access to parenting courses for you to deliver in your community: the Confident Parent Course (4 parts – video format), Cultivating Confident Parenting (1 part course – video format), Introductory welcome video for parents (15 minutes), plus book discounts.
  • online support and live webinars with trainers.

The Schools package $969 AUD per staff member for 1 year.

Frequently asked questions

The schools package contains training courses for your professional development, and streaming resources for you to use for parents at your school, with 12 months access. The training courses are:

  • Family systems understanding of symptom development in children
  • Facilitator training – how to present the Confident Parent Course

The streaming courses include

  • Introductory welcome video for parents as they start at your school
  • 1 part parenting video course – Cultivating Confident Parenting
  • 4 part parenting course – Confident Parent Course – full video version, and ‘highlights’ version to use when facilitating the live course.

Other resources:

  • Online support, community of other trainees and clinicians to share learnings, live monthly webinars with trainers.
  • Book discount voucher.

For a short video describing these resources, see here.

From worry about your child, to confidence in your parenting

The overall theme of the Confident Parent Course is when parents’ make a project out of themselves rather than anxiously focussing on their child, this provides developmental ‘breathing space’ for the child, reducing worry and increasing parent confidence.

The 4-part course explores the following questions:

See more about the course here, or a video intro here.

You can start with the theory course – Family Systems Understanding of symptom development in children. From there, you can watch the streaming resources, the Confident Parent Course (either the full video version, or highlights), or Cultivating Confident Parenting to see what is available for parents.

You are then ready to complete the training course in how to present the Confident Parent Course.

After this you are able to start delivering the course at your school.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching to implement the Schools Package, this is available at $280 per hour plus GST (we recommend 1.5 or 2 hours). This will help you to clarify the ideas in the course to best facilitate parent self discovery. Contact our office to book.

If you would like some extra mentoring or coaching to implement the Confident Parent Course, this is available for 1 hour, 1.5 or 2 hours, costed at $280 per hour plus GST with Jenny, Vicki or another trainer. Contact our office to book.

2 initial sessions are recommended to look at the big picture of the school package strategy. 1 hour sessions can be useful for single-event preparation or discussing a single dilemma.

The initial sessions will cover:

  • clarifying the training (family systems theory and children’s mental health and wellbeing) and the streaming resources
  • what is unique about the messaging – not telling parents how to do their job, but a framework for parent self-discovery so they can parent more calmly and confidently
  • Exploring the context of the school and its unique parent communities
  • Brainstorming ideas for engaging parents

Session 1: Work through your school’s unique context in engaging parents, teasing out remaining questions.

Session 2: After you have completed the theory training course and after the first delivery of the group – Q & A about course content – brainstorm ways to respond to parent questions and reactions.

In the Confident Parent Course, each session of the faith-based version concludes with a short reflection of a relevant bible verse, and the workbook has reflection questions linked to the verse.

Each person/facilitator will need to purchase their own schools package, sharing of logins in not allowed. This allows facilitators to run the courses in one organisation/school.

If you are a trained facilitator delivering the Confident Parent Course in another organisation, each organisation will need to purchase their own highlights package, available here. 

The schools package is $969 including GST, sign up here.

Future years will not include the training component, and will still include the streaming access to all the courses for your school plus online support, for $649 available here for those who have already completed the theory and facilitator training.

If you have completed your first year using the schools package, and have completed your theory training and training in Confident Parent Course group facilitation, you can now purchase 12 months access to our Schools Package – resources without training.

This provides access to all our courses, including highlights to facilitate the Confident Parent Course live, plus ongoing support with a community hub, resource library and live webinars.


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