Parenting Courses – Are they worth the effort? Lessons from an experienced Community Parent Educator

Episode Description

In this episode, we will discuss parenting courses with a family skills community educator. We’ll explore what parents get out of carving out time for parenting courses – and are all parenting courses the same?         

  • How can parents get a confidence boost from accessing a parenting course?  
  • Steve will share about differences in parent courses. 
  • He will provide examples of what parents have found most helpful and most challenging. 
  • And some tips for facilitating a parenting course in a way that helps parents develop their own insights relevant to their unique family. 

Stephen Dinning  Family and Life Skills Educator at Anglicare 

Steve has a background in social work and parish ministry. As part of Anglicare’s Family & Life Skills Education Team he runs courses and seminars in parenting, family life and relating with others. He’s also on Anglicare’s Southern Counselling Team. 

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New resource on the Parent Hope Project website

“ Parenting that Promotes Flourishing Children” for parents and their helpers,

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This is the last episode for 2023, Thanks for listening, we’ll be back in the new year.