Professional Resources

Parent Hope Project Manuals

These manuals are designed for working with a trained Parent Hope clinician/coach, and are not self-help manuals. Each client/parent will require their own copy; digital or hard copy.

Clinician/Coach manuals are available when a Clinician registers for training.

Purchase 5 or more hard copy manuals in a single transaction for 15% off. 

Prices in AUD (incl. Tax)

Important Ordering Information

Physical Manuals:

  • Can take 10-14 days to deliver.
  • Contact us at if you need them urgently and live in Sydney.
  • When entering your shipping address, please ensure each line does not exceed 30 characters in length.

Digital manuals:

  • Are only downloadable once, so please download the manual to the device you wish to view the manual on (as soon as possible before the link expires).
  • Contact us at if you have any problems.

Other Course Resources

The course extension provides 6 weeks further access to your training course. The group facilitation workbooks are for organisations access to the workbook, when an outside facilitator is delivering the Confident Parent Course.

Articles for Professionals

Also see our page of Resources for Parents which help explain the Parent Hope Project principles with practical examples.