Episode Description

In this episode the tables are turned! Last week’s guest, Michelle Varcoe, interviews Dr Jenny Brown to discuss:

  • The importance of co-regulation in parenting.
  • What is co-regulation?
  • Are there potential pitfalls of focusing too much on co-regulation?
  • Consider the role of self-regulation in parenting.
  • Differentiation in Parenting: meaningful connection without invasion.

To hear more about Michelle go to Season 2 Episode 4 or see links below.

About Dr Jenny Brown:
Dr Jenny Brown has over 35 years of clinical experience in child, couple, and family health. Her primary clinical and research interest has been in Child and adolescent mental health and parent’s involvement in treatment. This has been reflected in her publications, conference and workshop presentations and her PhD research on parents’ experience of their child’s mental health treatment. The Parent Hope project has been developed from this critical research.

Jenny’s most recent book is Facilitating Parents’ Agency in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Helplessness to Hope – published by Cambridge Scholars.


About Michelle Varcoe:
Michelle is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has worked across various Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams within NSW Health, and has extensive experience in supporting families who have a child/adolescent presenting with moderate-severe mental health issues 



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