Toddler in meltdown – The first push for independence

Episode Description

This is the 1st in the series: Parenting through stages of development ‘Today on the podcast, we’ll be discussing parenting toddlers

  1. Toddler in meltdown- The first push for independence.

In this series Dr Jenny Brown conveys how each phase of a child’s development presents parents with opportunities to step back and consider their part in interactions – to see what is helping to promote gradual independence and self-regulation rather than unintentionally fuelling reactivity or dependence. With toddlers the challenge is managing our responses to their huge learning spurt and push towards independence. This podcast describes 2 different parent toddler interactions involving a toddler not getting what they want. What is in a parent’s control to contribute to a toddler’s increased capacity to delay gratification?

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Research links mentioned in podcast

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The Stanford marshmallow experiment- a study on delayed gratification in 1972 led by psychologist Walter Mischel