Pre- teens – Busy Parent, School Challenges and Screen Time

Episode Description

In this podcast, Jenny talks about the pre-teenage phase, parents’ worries about school performance, and the impacts of excessive screen time. How can parents respond to these issues without an anxious worry focus? What is the effect of parents representing themselves to their children instead of trying to fix or change their children? You will hear an example of busy working parents of an 11-year-old who is falling behind at school. Their interactions in reaction to their worries provide clues about what is and isn’t helpful in their parenting responses. Some research findings around helping children with language development reveal that children can learn to love learning if parents are curious about the process of their activities rather than fixating on quick results. When adults sit alongside their child and speak less…. the child begins to speak more. There is also some discussion of parents’ responses to the vexed issue of screen time. There are guidelines to be found for parents about what is and isn’t healthy for children’s use of devices. However, parents are cautioned about pushing their child into an ideal, thereby escalating non-constructive tensions.

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Dr Susan Colmar’s research University of Sydney Faculty of Education & Social Work

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