Raising Kids Who Care – What is Within a Parent’s Influence?

Episode Description

In this podcast, Jenny Brown interviews Susy Lee, prize-winning author, speaker, and educator. They discuss Susy’s prize-winning book ‘Raising Kids Who Care: Practical Conversations for Exploring Stuff That Matters, Together’.

Susy writes:
In our complex world, we need to be aware of looming pitfalls and be intentional in helping kids navigate their way to compassion and wonder, driven by values and purpose.’  This path of conversations leads to amazing hope.

In this conversation, Jenny explores Susy’s thoughts on how parents can influence the development of a kind and caring child without making a change project out of the child.

Susy writes that ‘children primarily learn ethical behaviour by watching their parents.’ Jenny asks her what she thinks is the impact of what parents care about and how they live out.