Episode Description

In today’s episode, Jenny will discuss Marriage and Parenting with a seasoned family therapist, author, Father and Husband, Arum Nadigel. With a special emphasis on Dads, they will explore what it takes to keep a marriage intact through the stresses and strains of the parenting years?  
They discuss big questions Like:  

  • What are the main stressors that parenting puts on a marriage?  
  • Are there particular stressors in today’s stress-laden climate (dual income stress – living away from extended family support)  years?  
  • How do parents and spouses figure out how to do marriage and relationships? 
  • Do we need maps and role models?  

Finishing with some hopeful examples of marriages getting back on track and even thriving during the parenting years.

Speaker Bio:

Avrum Nadigel, B.Comm, MSW is a family and relationship therapist with over twenty years of clinical experience. 

He is the author of three books, the most recent was co-authored with the late Dr. David Freeman entitled: “Where Would You Like To Start: A master therapist on beginning psychotherapy with families.” 

Avrum co-produced three podcasts combining Family Systems theory and pop culture. He is also an urban sketcher and guitarist and songwriter.

Website: https://nadigel.com/