Episode Description

In this Episode Jenny and Guest Michelle Varcoe discuss tantrums, sleep issues and exhaustion – staying steady (enough) during the early parenting years.

Michelle brings her insight into what she sees as the main challenges in trying to stay steady in these very intense, exhausting parenting years.

Michelle Varcoe is a mother who is just coming up for air from the early parenting years. She is a seasoned mental health clinician, one of the specialist Parent counsellors at the Parent Hope Clinic in Sydney https://thefsp.com.au/parent-programs/.

She is particularly aware of the unique role that parents/carers play in the support of a young person, but also the unique anxieties and concerns that are inherent in the demanding role of parenting. She has seen how these anxieties increase alongside the concern for a young person who is deeply struggling with their mental health. As such, she is committed to working with parents in a non-judgemental, empathic approach that supports parents’ self-efficacy and resourcefulness as they continue the enriching challenges of parenthood.  Michelle is committed to the learning process, maintaining curiosity and continuous thinking, and is currently studying the Advanced Certificate of Couple and Family Systems Therapy through the Family Systems Institute (due to complete in 2024). She has also presented her thinking around application of theory to practice at conferences alongside her colleagues.   

Guest Bio:

Michelle is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has worked across various Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams within NSW Health, and has extensive experience in supporting families who have a child/adolescent presenting with moderate-severe mental health issues.

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